Worship Team Culture - Alfred Nygren, Stockholm, Sweden


This summer at New Wine, Alfred Nygren gave a brilliant talk on worship team culture. By kind permission of Alfred, we have produced the talk in note form here. Alfred is the Worship Pastor of City Church, Stockholm, and heads up the worship for New Wine Sweden. 

Love and Honour

More than anything we are family. We receive each other as a gift from God. 

We chose to commit to one another and to the church. It affects how we commit to practice, Sundays, and other gatherings. You are missed if your not there.

We build together. The way we speak and our attitudes are shaping the culture we get. We are intentional in how we build. 

Identity Restoration

We are a community where we view one another for who we are in Christ. Our Identity is not based on temporary failures but rather in the fact that Jesus has a plan and a purpose for our lives. 

That affects how we handle sin and failure. We support and restore. The failures are not our identity. 

It also affects how we confront sin. We refuse to see each other locked up in a prison we don’t belong in. We lead each other in to freedom. 

Relational Growth

We long for more and we journey together. We look for the gold in one another and we cheer each other on as we contend to see the kingdom come in our lives and our community. 

We are on a journey for more and its a journey done together. You play a significant role in the story of the Kingdom in our church and in our city.

We believe that we serve the church best when we do it with close friends that celebrate our victories and share our pain. 

Prayer and Worship

We cant lead people to a place where we have not been ourself. We win victories in the secret place and share it with the church.

The best thing you can do is to make Jesus your number one priority and passion and love. Letting him love and transform you is the best gift you can give to the church.  

We always long for things we have not seen yet. So we seek him alone and together because we know that the presence of Jesus changes everything 

Kingdom Reality

We refuse to settle with less of a dream than to see His Kingdom come. Therefore we cultivate a culture that reminds us of our need to be led and empowered by the Spirit. 

Worship is more than songs we sing. Its a meeting point between heaven and earth that has consequences among us. We always go after more. More healing, more deliverance, more salvations. More of the manifested presence of King Jesus.

Missional Living

Our worship is our response to the goodness, grace and beauty of Jesus. But when the person searching for hope enters the room its our privilege to lead them to Christ. 

We practice, pray and fine tune with the purpose of helping people encounter Jesus. If we loose our heart for the lost we have moved away from part of our purpose. We serve for the glory of God and for the salvation of the lost. 

We nourish our love for the broken, the hurting, the lost and we make it our great joy to introduce them to King Jesus.

Servanthood Leadership

Its not about us. We serve the church. Facilitate encounter. Lead people to Jesus. Its our privilege to see Jesus move amongst us. 

We are parts of a body, a family. You play a significant role even on Sunday when you don’t lead from the stage. We support each other. Worshiping our hearts out to glorify Jesus and pave a way for others breakthrough.

Our constant prayer is: God give us hearts that love your church and that long for more.